Video by Cris McConkey and Heriberto Rodríguez. Press conference Monday, March 14, 2014. Susquehanna County Court House, Montrose, Pa. Five months ago, Cabot Oil & Gas got an injunction barring Citizen journalist and environmental activist Vera Scroggins from setting foot an land owned or leased by Cabot, about 40% of the county. She was in court today, along with her attorneys Scott Michelman of Public Citizen, and Gerald Kinchy of Sayre, arguing for a repeal of the injunction, or baring that, a narrowing of its scope. For years, Ms. Scroggins has videotaped operations at drilling sites and compressor stations.

Here is a partial transcript of an exchange during the press conference between the attorneys captured on this video:

Amy Barrette, Esq., counsel for Cabot Oil & Gas: Cabot was never trying to keep her off these properties.

Scott Michelman, Esq., counsel for Vera Scroggins: I think it is difficult to claim that you weren’t trying to …that you weren’t going for the order than you proposed in October. My understanding is that you wrote that order. Maybe that’s incorrect and correct me if I am wrong. But the order that you wrote was the order the court entered in October, is my understanding. And if that’s true, then for you to claim that you wanted something narrower… if you wanted something narrower then you should have proposed something narrow. Now we appreciate that you have proposed something narrower, and as we said we are willing to work with you. We hope that something narrower will be entered as a result of today’s proceedings, and we hope that we are able to work this out in a manner that respects Cabot’s legitimate interests while not trampling my client’s rights.

Amy Barrette: And I understand… I believe if you had read our petition, that had you read the hearing transcript, you would see that we at never, at one time ever asked to keep Ms. Scroggins off of a hospital, or from her friends’ homes. It was very specific what we sought in that petition…

Scott Michelman: Did you draft the order?

Amy Barrette: It was very specific what was in our petition and what was at the hearing.

Scott Michelman: Did you draft the order that was entered in October? Do I have that wrong?

Amy Barrette: I’m going to tell you It’s very simple. Look at the petition, and look at what was presented at the hearing.

Scott Michelman: The order as entered, did you draft it?

Amy Barrette: Yes, and the order was not sought to keep her from the hospital or many of those other places.

Scott Michelman: It didn’t say no hospitals, no grocery stores, no frieind’s homes. It said …it’s language was categorical. If you wanted something different, you should have drafted it more carefully, If you didn’t like what the court entered, you should have moved to modify it. You could have done that.